Suggestions for the Perfect Rental Lease

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I'm brand new here. We already have a rental on the property where my husband works. He has been renting it without a lease to this point buy I am encouraging him to have them sign a proper lease.  I have the local lease laws, but I was wondering if anyone has a link to a proper lease format?  Thank you, Mary

Landlord/Tenant laws are very local.  Find a local real estate investment group or a realtor and get a copy of the lease that is used locally for you.  My opinion is that the "perfect" leases go in this order, from worst to best. 

  1. Generic leases you buy at the office supply store.  These leases are generic and may not have much, if any, relevance to your local laws.  Worst to use
  2. Realtor Agent leases for your local market or leases from national places that offer local leases (like websites that sell local leases).  These leases have local information but are usually slower to react to local ordinances and case law.  If there's a change in the application of a law or a newly created requirement, they'll get it eventually.  Middle of the road
  3. Local Landlord Association or Real Estate investment group leases.  These are the ones with the "feet on the ground" so to speak.  There's usually a local association that watches case law and lobbies for local ordinances so they make the changes required the quickest.  Best to use