Unwanted Trash disposal

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I have a 8 yd trash container for my tenants residing in 18 unit duplex in a rural community. My problem is that I have unwanted people using the container that doesn't live at the complex that I can never seem to catch. I have a pile of tires by my dump as we speak. I've posted illegal dumping signs but that doesn't seem to work. Does anyone have any ideas to get rid of the unwanted guests? Any suggestions or recommendations will be greatly appreciated!

@Benji Marshall this is an extremely frustrating problem that I have run into as well on one of my 20 unit complexes. Because you are too small for on site management, you will continue to have issues with this. If you have any tenants you are friendly with, you may be able to win this though. The first thing you should try is installing cameras around the dumpster. If you can get a tenant to let you "borrow" their wifi, you can put some pretty inexpensive cameras up. The police won't be able to help you unless you have evidence of who it is, and if you can get a license plate number then you can back track the issue. The other thing you can do is work with the residents to keep an eye out. You may even get lucky enough to have some watch dog residents who will confront the perpetrator. 

@John Warren - what he said. ;)

Maybe send a letter to your tenants explaining your plight, offering a "minor bounty" for actionable photo/video evidence that they can provide.  If you have an anti-sympathetic or apathetic tenant population, you can go on to explain that due to the increased trash volume you anticipate your costs to increase, which you will have no choice but to incorporate into your new rent rates.

Good luck!

You could first try putting up signs that say the area is under surveillance.  If that doesn't work, then add the cameras.  also is there a place you can put the container so it is less accessible to those who don't live there?

Thanks all for the info. I even thought about giving each tenant their own 30 gallon trash can and let the waste disposal company pick up from each unit, thus eliminating the need for the 8yd dump. @Theresa Harris I have the under surveillance signs up but its not working. I will look into adding cameras too. I guess my other question is what if I do catch them? Is it worth going to court over it from a cost standpoint? Thanks for the help!!