Validity of Lease agreements

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Originally posted by @Andy Chang :

Hey all. I have a family member that's asking for help with some tenant legal issues. Is anyone interested in answering some of my lease questions? 


 Just post your questions here. Make sure you have read the lease. Many of your questions will come back to what does the lease say. Also what state is this for?

That is what the forum is for. Just remember a few things:

1. You get what you pay for. Some questions are answered by people that have no experience as Landlords and they can give you some really bad advice.

2. Hardly anyone on here is an attorney so we can't give legal advice, only opinion.

3. Even the best answers may not be correct because we don't know the entire situation; we base our opinions on what you share with us and what you share may be incomplete, incorrect, or biased.