Expense to reprogram intercom

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I just had a new tenant move into my condo unit which is in a 10+ condo building in NYC.  Should the landlord or tenant be expected to pay for the cost to reprogram the intercom to his/her name?  

It's $200 according to the building manager.  I paid it for the last tenant.  I don't feel that's an expense a landlord should have to shoulder.

What does your lease say? If you don't mention it I don't think it is fair to drop this on the tenant now.

You could add this to the lease going forward so they know that this will be their expense.

I had a unit in a HOA building and every time the intercom needed reprogramming the HOA called a service company who came out and did it at a cost of $75-$150. I googled the model number and found the programming instructions. The default access code was never changed. It took me 2 minutes to remove an old tenant and add a new one.

Find out if the building manager will give you the code to program the intercom and if so, figure out how to do it yourself. 

@Greg M. Yes I considered that.  But the issue is I doubt the vendor would give me the access code.  B/c then they are out recurring service fees.  It is possible they never changed the access code.  I'll look into it.

Here's the whole story.

I had my first tenant move in Dec 1, 2018. The building manager contacted me and asked me to if I wanted to change the name on the directory to my new tenant's name. He never mentioned a $200 charge. I said sure. Name's changed and a month later I get a $200 on my HOA statement. I never got a vendor bill. Just a line item on my HOA statement. So I was a little irritated.

I contacted the vendor myself and they said the charge was $150.  So the building manager may be padding $50 onto the bill.

Fast forward to June 15th.  My tenant ended the lease early and I got a new tenant in right away.  The building manager contacts the vendor and had the name changed.  He never asked me if I wanted it changed.  So I'm a little more ticked off.

That's $400 in reprogramming fees over 1.5 years rental income.  

Now I don't want to make a big stink about this b/c in 1-1.5  years from now, I might need to sell my condo.  And the building manager plays a pivotal administrative role in this sale.

So I think the way I handle this is 

  1. Ask for a vendor receipt for the intercom name changes
  2. Instruct the building manager to get my authorization for name changes
  3. Inform the tenant (in a lease rider) that there will be a fee if he/she wants the name changed on the directory.

Thanks for letting me rant.