Tenant Family Member Sleeps Outside

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The tenants are month-to-month. We bought this property with an owner occupied FHA loan, so we sent 30-day to terminate the m2m leases and will be getting ready to evict since they won't willingly move out. Question is, what can I do about the lady sleeping in the back the property. She literally has a little room set out next to the unit. We are located in Florida. Help is appreciated. This is our first investment and while I have been in property management for over 8 years. I had never had a situation where a tenant's occupant would such thing.

Set up a boom box , aim it toward her and play the Carpenters Christmas album on repeat for days on end at full volume  ,after a week of that she will leave or take her own life 

Once her support system leaves the main house, she will likely move on. If she doesn't, call the police, she has no right to the property and the structure is likely dangerous and illegally built. I don't know anything about Florida though, hopefully there isn't some obscure law that allows her to stay. Offer to assist her in moving if she plays hardball, throw her $100.00. Change all the locks when this group leaves.