Pay or vacate notice

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My tenant can't pay rent until 5th. I'll give them a "pay or vacate" notice on 3rd. Is there such a notice in BP resources? I didnt see one in BP landlord docs I bought. Does anyone have an example they can share? Im in Bexar Co. TX.  Also, is there a certain way I need to deliver it for it to be admissible in court if I have to move to eviction process? Thanks for any input you have.


It's called a Notice to Quit/Non-payment of Rent.  Here's one source (of many - and many are free) for the Texas version:

And, this link will tell you how to deliver/post the Notice so you're court compliant:

Amazing how many tenants think there is some sort of grace period on paying rent.  The 5th just ain't the 1st anywhere!  May the force be with you...