Applicant - accept or not?

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Nice older SFH in a B to upper-C class area - meaning it's not easy to find the perfect tenant here.

So we did background & credit checks on a potential tenant. Two previous LLs, both out of state, said they'd rent again to our applicant. Those were SFH in what looks to me (from viewing on Google) like slightly less desirable area than ours. One tenancy was 5 years, the other 1 year - 2 different states.

Applicant claims they're moving to save some money & be closer to work. She has a good job with adequate income & an extra 2K income from a verifiable source.  We had a good impression at the house showing.

Now the current apt. manager responded to my verification request saying applicant paid late several times, was served a 3-day notice for an unauthorized pet. Would not rent to her again.  Darn!

Would you rent to her, but ask for extra SD?  Require frequent inspections?


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So, just spoke to the leasing agent at current rental. They issue 3-day on the 4th, and tenant paid anywhere from the 5th to 8th day. Tenant claimed they were dog-sitting for a family member.  She could have asked for permission & paid a SD for the dog + pet rent, but didn't.  (The usual story)

Sam,  Cupertino is a much hotter market compared to East CoCo County.

We had a few people tour & take apps, & never hear from them again.

@Lois S. ,

No, I wouldn't rent to her.     I do a lot of C-/D+, so my rule is-- I am okay with an eviction-- if the situation has changed.   Nothing has changed from what you've told me. 

She's getting kicked out for non-payment, likely she's hoarding the money to save to pay her deposit and first month rent at potentially your place!    I would pass.

The tenant is not in arrears at current place-  but, just found out she has not given notice she's leaving.

Well this applicant backed out when we wanted to meet at her current place to sign papers.  Pretty sure we dodged a bullet

I would rent to her since that was from the current landlord. I have seen landlords and property managers act crappy to tenants just because they are moving (especially in hard to fill 'hoods).