Opportunity Knocks and She Needs Septic and a Well...Any Advice?

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Recently my agent brought me a deal with a huge amount of potential. This building used to be a 4 unit motel in a hot tourist area that has now been converted into a duplex consisting of two 3/2's. It is on multiple acres. I talked to the town zoning official and he said I can basically add as many units as I can fit on the property. With that being said I need to get this under contract. I am trying to purchase the duplex as a second home (in a state I don't currently live in). Ok so this is where it starts to get a little tricky...The septic and water are currently shared with the house of the owner who is splitting his property into two ~ the aforementioned that i am trying to buy and his residence. The duplex is being sold as is with the need to add a well and septic system right away which in theory is not that big of a deal except now lenders don't want to give a construction loan on a duplex that is going to be a second home. They also don't want to lend on a property that doesn't have water or sewer. Any advice on tapping into the creative mind and finding a solution to this issue? 

@Michael Wallimann

Has the subdivision been completed yet? That’s step 1. If not maybe agree on a price and terms and purchase an option once the subdivision is competed.

Use hard money to purchase, install well and septic. Add tenants and refinance to pay off HM lender. ??