Owner occupied Chicago multifamily, tenant not paying

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I have a multi-family owner-occupied building (3 unit). The tenant is refusing to pay the July rent, and his move out date is the end of this July. His lease has already expired, and he is on a month to month basis. He has a friend living in the unit instead of himself. I used the CAR lease when I signed with him. I read in the CRLTO that it doesn't apply to the owner-occupied 2-4unit building. I am worried he will extend without stay and cause a further issue. What should I do?

I don't know the IL laws but if this happened in my local market I would go down to the district magistrate's office and ask them what I need to do. I'm assuming they'd have me file eviction paperwork and then file for order of possession after noone shows up to the eviction proceeding. 

In the meantime keep records. Text the tenant who moved out, asking him for rent. Whether or not he responds, it's proof. Take photos of whomever is living there (their car, etc.). 

In general, if whomever is living there causes any trouble, call the police. 

And after you get them out of there, change the locks, take the original tenant to small claims, then get a judgement against him for back rent and damage. Sell the judgement to a debt collection agency (you'll get pennies on the dollar but bear with me) and it will screw his credit as debt collection agencies report to the three credit agencies (and so he will have trouble getting loans/renting a unit as you've messed up his credit, given him an eviction and won a judgement against him).