Hi all, 

We decided to use Zillow's application and tenant screening process and now are a little confused. Turns out we weren't getting their full credit reports, just a summary version -- that includes a credit score (Vantage Score 3.0), % of on-time payments, credit used, total debt, and estimated monthly payments. Then there's an overview of open and closed accounts as well as their balances.

We're seeing some applicants have Closed Accounts that still have balances on them. Does this mean these were charged off? (We don't see anything in Collections though.) 

Anyone have experience with this? Here are the 3 types of Closed Account line items we're seeing: 

1) XYZ account $0

2) XYZ account - 

3) XYZ account $12,345 

We assume 1 is paid in full, not sure about 2 and 3 though. 

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!