Advice for self managing property 3 hours away

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I have an SFR in Oxnard that I am househacking at the moment but I will be moving to San Diego which is about 3 hours away soon. The current tenants are remaining and I intend on keeping them there as they are good tenants (on time, govt employees, no issues). Does any have any advice for self managing a property like this?

The tenants are already set up on an online portal where they pay their rent and can submit maintenance requests. How would you go about managing keys, lock outs, etc without being in the same town to take care of things if needed? 

I contacted one PM already that was referred to me but they won't take on individual leases on rooms within one property. I have a few other companies to contact but I am doubtful their response will be different. 

Stressing out a bit...

Our RE investments are local, but for lockouts we use a lock box.  Once a year is free.  More than once is $25.  We change the combo on the lockbox after each use otherwise the key ends up gone when they need it.

Even local, it is a hassle to go over to assist a lockout and screen or window damage is also a hassle at move out.

As long as you plan on going to Oxnard occasionally or have friends there to change the combo, the lockouts are not an issue.

Again we are local to our RE, but we use Landlord Locks for key.  We have like 8 keys that get rotated so that no two units in a complex has the same key and no key is reused in a unit.  The Landlord Locks take a minute to change cylinders, have a master key, allow common entry keys (all tenant keys can open such as would be desired for a common entry or a common laundry room).

Our handyman has a master key.

Good luck

@Kevin Phu Do you have one tenant you trust, that plans to stay long term? for the keys and lockouts? And/or a handyman you trust?  

As well, that 3 hour drive is conservative. it can easily turn into 5-6 hours.    

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@Kevin Phu personally I would rent entire place at market rent and use a lock box. The only thing you will need is a local handyman and plumber that you can call on when needed. You won’t and shouldn’t need to go up unless you are putting in new tenants/doing an open house.

Best of luck!

Sounds like you did things illegally and no property manager wants to wear the liability (I don't blame them), it's best to untangle the mess and have them all on one Lease and if they don't like it then you would need to start over. I have done that before for clients, inherited 3 properties, everyone on separate Leases, 17 times that was.