How do I handle the HOA?

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Hi Everyone,

Big fan here, long time listener to the Bigger Pockets podcast and first time poster. 

My HOA hired a company to assess the level of mold in my rental property after the gutter, just to the side of the roof, was damaged (and eventually caused black molding in my ceiling). Now they are claiming I need to pay this invoice even though I never authorized it as the home owner.

What can I do to fight this? 

From my perspective, they FAILED to maintain the exterior (which they cover per the CC&R) and caused INTERIOR damage to my property. 

Any tips/advice helps :) 

Arthur, do you still have a copy of the HOA regulations/covenants? What do they define as the exterior? I would definitely start there if you haven't already.

For the record, based on what you said, I agree with you. We had a house here in town that was part of an HOA. From what I understand it was the "only" rental house in the neighborhood. Long story short, the HOA board or whoever, voted to no longer allow rental houses in the entire neighborhood. The homeowner was never notified that this was a possibility nor had any knowledge this vote was taking place. Thankfully it was resolved and the home is still a rental. Fun times!