Lost Eviction Hearing Now Worried About Holdover At Lease End

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I lost an eviction hearing yesterday in the ultra liberal Johnson county, Iowa. I followed all the steps by posting the 3-day notice on the tenant's door and sending it certified mail. I followed all the steps by waiting the proper time to file for a FED case. I had the tenant served the FED hearing notice, I sent the FED hearing notice via certified mail (and regular mail), and I posted the FED hearing notice on the tenant's door. The judge threw the entire case out because I did not send the original 3-day notice via regular mail... I sent it certified and I posted it on their door, but that wasn't enough. It should have also been sent regular mail. It's absolutely ridiculous.

At any rate, this tenant's lease ends on July 29. I sent them notice their lease ends July 29 via regular mail in June. I'm concerned they might stay past July 29, and I have a new tenant moving in on August 1.

What happens if they don't move out when their lease ends?

Is there a faster process to get them out if they holdover or would I have to start an entirely new eviction process?

What is the new tenant supposed to do if they don't have a place to move into?

Has anyone else had a situation like this where a holdover prevented a new tenant from moving in? What did you do?

Start the eviction process again and do it the way the judge said. Do it now so that if they do holdover the process is already started.