Prospective Tenant gave bounced check

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Hello , I posted about bad credit tenant yesterday that she gave me personal check for security deposit and that check bounced.

Now she offering cashier’s check plus return payment fee. She also text me screenshot of her bank account that shows that funds withdrawal from her bank. 

She seems genuine person when we meet her and she works in preschool facility. I am very confused now other than her there is no prospective tenant in the picture as we are moving to our new house in week’s time.

Some folks here on BP advice that don’t take year’s worth rent upfront. Now I am thinking about 6 month lease and take rent upfront. if I don’t like her while she is living on my property I will not extend her lease.

Please advice what should I do and what precautions to take when give renting your property to bad credit tenant. Is month to month agreement ok?

Thanks a lot

Although an honest mistake may be the truth of the returned check, people normally would not make such a mistake on something as important as housing.

From your other post, it seems you have not but really should run a proper credit and background check. This should be able to confirm or deny any suspicions you have.

Six months is a long time to be stuck with a tenant that goes bad. Id start out with month to month and give it 3 months. You should have a good idea what kind of tenant she will be in that time, then you can go to a 6 month lease if you want.

It may have actually been a mistake. I've withdrawn money from the wrong account before, or expecting money that didn't show up on time. She corrected it. However, I would demand certified or online funds going forward. I wouldn't take a check from anyone for anything (unless it is a business).

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