Refinance on a rental

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Hi everyone,

I am looking to build a relationship with a lender for the purpose of "BRRRR" method. I have an immediate need for a refi on a rental in Texas and looking for referrals for a asset-based lender.

Also looking for a short-term hard money lender for a home that needs minimal repairs. My intention is to also refi this one and keep as a rental. It would be great if I could use the same lender to cut down on fees.

Any help or advice would he greatly appreciated!

Do you have a local real estate club that you can look for a lender. My real estate club has several people that make loans out of their self directed IRA's. We have a Google group where you could send out a request. Maybe you have a local club where you can do the same.

We have a local branch of Lima One, they are a hard money lender. Search and see if they have a local office to you or make loans in your area.

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