Flooring For Rental Units

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Hey everyone, so I recently just purchased my first rental duplex and have been renovating it top to bottom. It has hardwood floors throughout but they're in pretty rough shape. I received a couple quotes to get them sanded and refinished but unfortunately they are coming in well over my budgeted amount I'm looking to spend. I am at the point now where I am wondering if I should sand and finish them myself or pay to lay either laminate or vinyl click flooring. I am also torn between whether to go laminate or waterproof vinyl as well if I decided to go that route. I'm really looking for the solution that will add the most value to the duplex but also last a long time before I have to worry about the floors again. Any suggestions would be very helpful from some more experienced landlords on what works best would be greatly appreciated.


Chase Gaudet

@Chase Gaudet , what's the difference between your budget and the cost to refinish the floors? How handy are you? I don't want to suggest it's an easy job, but if you're skilled, I think it's something you can do. 

The reason I'm asking is that hardwood floors last a long time and tenants love them. If they can reasonably be saved, try to do so.

If you can't save them, I'd steer away from the click stuff. I hate the stuff. It feels cheap underfoot. Unless this is a real low-cost property, stay away.

@Jaysen Medhurst Thanks for the reply, I think your right and I should keep the hardwood floors as best as I can. I am fairly handy and luckily have roommates who are carpenters so I think we will give sanding the floors a try ourselves as I can save 4,000-5,000 by doing it ourselves.