Utilities questions if tenants have not moved in yet

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After fixing up the house, my realtor was able to find a couple as prospect tenants. They want to move in early September, and are willing to pay for the August's rent even if they won't be at the house. 

The question is who is responsible for the utilities for the month of August? I don't mind mowing or paying for the utilities, just to be a little fair since they are not living at the property yet.


I would personally pay for the utilities until their move in date. If you ask them to do it they may just turn off all the breakers which could cause problems in the house.

I require that a utilities be turned on at move in (or at least scheduled on for the first couple of days). My leases also requires that tenants maintain utility service for the term of the lease. The utility companies here will verify a transfer date and the name the utilities are currently under.