Required Liability Insurance for tenants

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I will be closing on a 4 bed 3 bath house this friday and planning to house hack once we've moved in. In our current lease right now, we're paying a required liability insurance to the property manager for $9.50+/- for the whole lease. Im wondering if i can do the same with my future roommates that will rent from me. If so, where can i find it? Or should i have them get their own insurance from the company of their choice? I think its more efficient to have them get that single renter's liability insurance as a whole even though i will be giving them separate leases (per room)

Your current manager probably has that feature built into their management software which makes it very easy to track.  As far as I know the company that does it, is partnered with the software.  I would just require a renters insurance policy from the tenant.  Make sure you are listed as an additional interest so you are notified when it is canceled or renewed.