Good lifetime warranties are nice. But going out to your rental to repair and replace is a bich. That's where you pay up for saving money on the materials.

I've had to make a few warranty claims recently, for things installed within the last 7 years. I wish there were a master list of bulletproof fixtures to put in a rental.

$50 Delta kitchen faucet, sprung pinhole leaks in the spout within 4 years. Lifetime warranty. Mfgr sent out a free replacement.

Cheap kwikset entry door knob latch failed, won't retract. Lifetime warranty. free replacement.

Pfister bathroom faucet handles cracked. Lifetime warranty, free replacement.

Had to go out and fix these myself. But if I had a mgmt company, I would have had to pay labor costs.

Those of you with more expensive fixtures... do they last troublefree?