Need a lease for my first rental house in northern Michigan

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I'm finishing repairs and renovations on my first rental property, a single family home in northern Michigan. I have a tenant lined up when it's ready, pending satisfactory application. I've found some pretty basic lease agreements, but nothing that jumped out to me as "solid". I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share their Michigan lease agreement? Or point me to a good resource for something more thorough? 

Eric, down here in Florida I go to some property management & real estate classes & I’ve found some great attorneys that will give Landlords free leases. You may want to do some research online & call a few attorneys & ask them if they are willing to give you a free lease. Sometimes attorneys will do this, because they feel like you may use them if you ever have to file an eviction. I would want my attorney to sign off on any lease I use prior to using it with a Tenant.