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3 tenants, 1 wants out ???

Posted Jul 21 2019, 07:07

Three tenants moved into one of my rental properties June 1, 2019. They are all adults, and friends. All three adults signed the lease, and went over all the paperwork together. It's only July 21, and one of them wants to move out. 

One tenant emailed me personally with the following message:

Hey Nicole ! I wanted to know if there was anyway to take my name off the lease? Things are not working out and I need to leave but I don’t want to have anything bad on my recorded if they don’t stay. I would really appreciate if this is possible I’m looking to leave in August
Thank you. :)

My business-gut says to just tell her no, and that the rental agreement is a legally binding agreement. She can move out, but if anything happens with the rental payments, she'll still be held legally responsible. 

However, the other two tenants could technically just barely qualify on their own, without her. They need to make at least $4,050 per month to qualify, and together they make $4,056. And, I fear that if I make her carry out her lease, things could get ugly between her and her roommates. 

Just not sure how to handle this, or what to tell her. Am I thinking too much about this? Please advise. Thank you!

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