Looking for Insurance Agent/Broker

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We are in the process of purchasing a duplex (rental property) in upstate NY and need to purchase a landlord insurance policy. We do have one stipulation - we do not want to transfer our owner-occupied home to the new insurance company at this time.  All referrals welcome and appreciated. Thank you!

@Jamie Brayton    @Cynthia Pines

We do a lot of business with our local State Farm agent and he and his staff are awesome.  Collectively, the policies are also less expensive than with other carriers, and believe me - I have shopped around.

Not sure if I am using the same guy as Jamie, but I'd be happy to provide the reference if you are interested.

@Wesley W.

Agreed. We’ve shopped prices quite a bit. We’ve found some other competitive prices for commercial and there is another agent/bp member I’d go with for coverage on vacant buildings/rehabs, but State Farm has been the most competitive.

We’re using the guys in the Glenmont office.

@Cynthia Pines

Just to piggy back on everyone else here - state farm has my business. They're cheap and reasonable, my personal home and investment is with them at the moment.

If you want another contact for state farm let me know. My agent is from the east greenbush office.