Applicant with history of personal injury lawsuits

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I wanted to find out other LL thoughts about rejecting an applicant due to a history of personal injury lawsuits. He has sued the other driver in two different vehicle accidents, sued a realty company for an injury in their parking lot, and his mother (not an applicant, just accidentally found this) has sued a store for an injury. His wife sued someone else but it looks like it never went anywhere.  

I'm obviously pretty worried about them thinking their next paycheck is coming from me (or my insurance company), so I'm strongly considering rejecting them. Otherwise they are on all kinds of disability/SSI/govt checks, but that IS steady income and they tend to stay in one place a while, and seem law abiding and respectful from all I can dig up so far, which is my kind of tenant. 

What do others think?   Thank you in advance.