San Antonio Texas - Property Managers

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 I bought my first rental property out in San Antonio, Texas in 2018. I hired a property manager to help us out since we're located out in the Bay Area. 

I've been getting repair invoices on a monthly basis and are starting to question the validity of these repairs since it seems that my property manager isn't questioning these repairs. Is it normal or has anyone gone through this situation during their 1st year of renting out their property or should we be looking into another property management? 

What condition was the house in when you bought it?? Did you have an inspection done?? I dont know what condition it was in when you bought it, but I see that it is about 6 or 7 years old. That is about the time that faucets start leaking, carpet gets worn out, etc. 

I would have a long talk with the property manager before doing anything harsh. Ask them what is going on and let them know how you want your property managed. They have their ideas and you have yours. Come together and see if you can meet in the middle somewhere.

Thanks Rick for your response! House was built in 2011 and we did a full inspection when we bought the house and did another inspection with the PRoperty Manager. 

We will be speaking with them regarding our concerns.