Did not sign lease 7 months ago now landlord hot and heavy

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Basically, 3 months ago I asked for repairs to my unit. The landlord went bat ****. Telling me my backyard was a common area and it was not mine. The dishwasher has not worked since I moved in asked for repair. Asked her to fix a broken a/c. She lost her marbles threatening to not fix another thing in my unit after these repairs.

Just recently, she placed a 3 day quit notice on my door. I normally pay my rent in cash and Friday, August 3rd after 5pm she called to inform me cash was no longer an apprv. method of pymt. Wtf! Bank not open on Sat. Had her ck on Monday when I received the 3day pay or quit.

Here's the kicker I never signed my lease and now she is hot and heavy after me to sign it. I think she wants to boot me. I cannot find the original lease due to the move. She added a page called house rules where I could be evicted if my bf's dog sleeps over. I am fine to sign both......However, I do not want to be penalized for house rules I never knew existed till yesterday. Can I add a notice to the signed agreements that I am not responsible for any prior house rule violations since I was unaware? Any thoughts would greatly help.  

@Ann Skaggs

So no offensive, but a lot of red flags & gaps here on both sides... I’d recommend documenting your interactions actions going forward and contacting a local real estate attorney to determine your options and best path forward, based on what’s described there are a lot of potential outcomes.

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Yeah, what Bill said. Housing is a product. Go buy this product from someone else providing better customer service. Situations like this get worse over time, not better.

Thanks guys! I have consulted an atty. Need to ride this out until Feb 2020 when "lease is up". Essentially, it is financial to stay for 6 more months. I am a social justice activist professionally. 

I sent her lease back via certified mail. Refused to sign "house rules" as I cannot have an overnight guest without her written consent. **** that she is not my mother. 

I hope to hell she keeps this up....It fires me up. Injustice will be brought to light. 

@Ann Skaggs

So your boyfriend comes over and he brings his dog to a sleepover at your place, a no-pets apartment. Because it's fine to have "pet guests" at a no-pets apartment, right?

Is it possible that your landlord believes there just might be a smidgen of injustice in that? If not, please tell me why.

You sound like a bad tenant and, as a professional manager, I would probably want to get rid of you.

I can tell you're either dishonest or you have a terrible attorney because you claim the attorney told you to ride the lease out until 2020 but you don't even have a signed lease! If there is no signed lease, you are on a verbal, month-to-month lease agreement and the Landlord can give you notice to vacate or change any other terms of the agreement with 30 days notice. That's basic law and an attorney should know that.

And yes, we would all like to know how someone can be a "professional" social justice activist? Wouldn't you first require a basic understanding of "justice" like upholding one's end of an agreement?

You might not like the house rules but there is no "injustice" in a landlord saying no overnight visitors and no pet visits - if those are her terms, you can accept them or find another property to rent. 

We are definitely not getting the full story here. There are different kinds of repairs requests, and many landlords do not fix appliances at all.

Also doesn't matter when you "normally" pay your rent - if you normally pay late (and it sounds like you do), your landlord has every right to enforce the actual due date, even if she has been lenient in the past. 

There are plenty of landlords who would accept cash payments (though I certainly do not advise it!), who would provide and repair appliances - it sounds like you would be happier finding another place to rent, if you can qualify. Best of luck.

If you are in a MF the yard is a common area, what is the issue about the yard? Your obligation is to pay the rent on time and keep the place in accordance with the lease.  Your Landlords obligation is to maintain the property, if something is broken and you requested it fixed, if she is responsible she should fix it.  If you broke it you pay for the fix.  Believe it or not there is no obligation on the landlords part to house your boyfriend/ his dog.   She signed a lease with you and he is not on that lease. My lease species overnight guest more then 7 days a month not allowed. (I have agreed to more when asked in writing for long distance guests).  I don't police sleepovers  but I can bet if she is setting a rule  this has become an issue for her or the other tenants. He is a guest and needs to behave like one. If no dogs are allowed he can't bring his dog. Also  it doesn't matter if you signed the rules there is typically text that deals with the quiet enjoyment of others in a lease for a Multifamily. I would expect notices of lease violations to start if you continue to overstep. 

The only thing I see as incorrect by her is that she gave you short notice that you can't pay cash.  However if rent is due on the first and you hadn't paid it on the 3rd the 3 day notice is correct.  When you usually pay isn't relevant, what is relevant is when it is due.  There are bad landlords out there but I am seeing a lot on your end that makes me think you are at fault here too.

Might be a good move to look for new place more in line with your lifestyle.