Laminate Flooring WildWood

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Hey all,

Changing out some carpet for Laminate and found a Laminate Plank made by WildWood at Floor & Decor link below. It is a pretty close match to the other existing in the rental but it’s priced at $0.49/sf which sort of scared me.

The AC rating is 3 and it is 7mm thick.

What am I missing in my analysis and why should I be paying $1.68 for the highly recommended TrafficMaster from Allure?

Link here:

@Stephen Coady I saw this one too and am getting ready to buy it at 0.44/sqft to put in the upstairs of a rental. Downstairs I went with a slightly better quality at a little over a 1.00/sqft. I am sure it is decent flooring. I've purchased laminate before for as low as 0.29/sqft and it worked out fine.