Montreal House Hacking

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Hello everyone!

My name is Emilie and I am new to real estate investing! I'm am in the process of learning all about real estate to get really started in (I wish) approximatly 9 months. As I am learning the different strategies, I find myself very interested in House Hacking in the Montreal area (South Shore). Would you recommend this strategy in the area of Montreal? I would really like to get to know people with the same goals as me!

Thank you so much :)

Hi Emilie,
House hacking is always a good idea when starting. If you buy a bungalow in a place where there's no one else renting you might have a hard time finding someone to rent a room, but otherwise it's doable pretty much anywhere. Ideally you want to buy a duplex/triplex/quad and have an extra room in your own unit to rent also.