Complete Real estate deals with trusted sources finally!!!

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I am an IT Professional from San Antonio TX. I always got cheated in rehabs in the Michigan area. Finally, I found the trusted source who can bring the deals and flip or rent them with property management.

This is awesome. Normally people give deals but they leave you with that. this is a complete package for flips as well as a rental real thing that works. 

You can easily scale up (Increase) the number of deals and money you want to make.

@Dnyanrsh Mijagiri It is generally easier to manage when the property is within a 10-mile radius or 30 minutes from your home.  This is important for the first handful of flips or rental.  This way you can go there after work during weekdays or on weekends easily to manage. 

The farther you are away from the property; it needs lot of planning and help to get things moving