South Carolina Places of interest for Rental Properties?

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I'm a real estate Broker and Property Manager here in Beaufort. Beaufort may be the best long-term rental market in the country. We have two military bases and a military hospital, here. It's litterly a revolving door of military families needing rental properties for 2-3 year periods at a time. Plus, the military provides them with a housing allowance. This means ---->>>>> (1) you know you're gonna get paid, (2) you're gonna get paid on time (3) AND they must take care of the property or the military gets on them. Additionally, supply is almost always low and demand is ususally high.

@Michael Deuel I would suggest around Columbia.  In most areas you won't be required to hold flood insurance nor need it and it's a solid area between the capital, universities, Ft Jackson, well known hospitals and other major employers, the demand is not going to disappear.

@Michael Deuel   My parents live on Broad River Bluff in Beaufort and I know a couple of investors in the area.  My knowledge of Beaufort is hearsay, but I buy and sell in the other markets I mentioned, therefore, that knowledge is first-hand.  Let me know if I can be of further help.