Broken step on the stairs at the condominium.

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I have an upstairs rental condominium unit in California. This is my very first investment property and I'm new to property management as well.

I requested for a stairs repair back in June and was hoping to have it done by July before my tenants move in. After multiple delays and follow-ups, the request was approved 2 weeks ago by the HOA.

I just received a notice from my tenant that her daughter hurt her foot while walking down the stairs.

My question is would I get sued for the stairs by tenants ?


Congrats in joining the world of real estate investors. Unfortunately you are learning the most useless people in this world are local government officials and HOAs. I am not a lawyer, but your tenant can sue you for anything including the color of your car. I wouldn't bring it up with them, but I would let the HOA know about the incident so they are aware of what happened. Cover your @$$. I think you did everything right and you have documentation. But I would also check your insurance policy to make sure you are covered. It is worth the extra $200/year to get an umbrella policy in this world. Congrats and good luck.