Painting between the tenants after every 2, 3 years of turnaround

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Please respond to this poll. How many of you paint apartments between the tenants after one tenant leaves and you are preparing the apartment for a transition while looking for your next tenant.  Would you paint between the tenants if a tenant stayed one year, two years, or three years at least.  Do you paint every few years or every vacancy between tenants irrespective of the number of years the tenant lived there.'


@Atul Mohlajee   I only paint it if it needs it.  Most scuff marks can be cleaned with soap and water or a magic eraser.  Keep paint on hand if you need to do touch ups.  

Someone above mentioned flat paint-only use that on ceilings, use a eggshell or similar finish on the walls.

they key is to buy the same tints for all your properties. I use the off-the shelf walmart beige (it's called sand something), and their white for trim. It's cheap and touch ups usually match the original application for a few years. If the older application doesn't match the newer I'll paint corner to corner, but not a whole room.  Some rooms still look mint condition after a few years and require nothing. 

I make the place turn-key ready.  I'll typically spend an hour doing small little touch-ups.  It's the first impression and also how I want the home returned.  I don't typically paint the entire walls though, just spots.

If the house looks great and only 5-10 pin holes throughout the entire house and the baseboards still look bright, then I might pass.

Thanks everyone for your input.  I have been painting all units after 3, or 4 years of tenants being there.  I might skip ceilings sometimes.  I have even painted after a tenant was there for 1 year.  Seeing all your viewpoints, I am going to paint every three years or more if tenant stays longer.  It is costing too much fully painting in 1 or 2 years as I hire painters.  Thanks again all.

three years