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Looking to understand rent control laws for landlords in weehawken. Recently bought a two family which was owner occupied till 2018 till the owner passed away in 2018. I bought it in march 2019 where in the tenant on the second floor had already left.

The town forced the estate who inherited the property but didnt stay there to put in a rent registration for the second floor.

1. Is there a way to over turn the rent registration since  no one lived there on the first floor and it was still in possession of the estate.

2. For the unoccpied unit , how is the rent determined.

3. I have put in close to 60k in renovations (oil to gas, new appliances, kitchen , bathroom etc) but the town is saying I had to put in the capiltal improvements paperwork beofre i had started to benefit.

4. Amu other ideas on how to obtain the fair rent

ideas thoughts?

@Weehawken Craigs Interested in hearing how this turned out. I just bought a multifamily property in Weehawken we plan to occupy. I was informed we would be under rent control for two years. Since we are renovating, first year would be market price, second would be controlled by first years price. Then with two years occupancy, I could petition to have rent control removed.