Credit & Background Checks

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I am doing tenant screening at the moment. I am curious, what does everyone on here uses for credit and background checks?


@Danté Belmonte I used rentprep the last couple of times. I am looking at for the screening and rent collection. A free option that someone mentioned was Naborly, don't know much about it. Do you have your screening criteria already. You don't want to discriminate against people and get in trouble. Good luck and finding a great tenant.

@Tim Herman thank you Tim. I’m looking at Rentprep. The probably with Cozy is they charge the tenant directly and it’s over $20. I say this because new 2019 NY tenant law, you can’t charge over $20 for an application fee...

@Danté Belmonte that's crazy for forcing landlords to lose money to screen tenants. If you had 10 qualified tenants that did the screening that's $150 out of pocket. If the tenants pay directly how is that you are charging them the fee?  The tenants should be able to use the screening for another rental. Just my .02,

Oh believe me. I know. NY Landlord-Tenant Laws are out of this world, Our Attorney General is a criminal.

@Tim Herman @Danté Belmonte Thank you for the mention! I would take advantage of the live chat service offered where you can get in touch with FCRA certified screeners who would be able to assist you with any questions you may have about how the service works. You can also have your reports interpreted for you as well when the results are completed.