How much to pay for cleaning of multifamily halls & stairs?

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I'm pricing a new cleaner for my two 3 & 4 unit rowhouses after years of making deals with tenants for maintenance. One is a tile hallway, cement basement stairs and 2 carpeted stairs and halls, the other 3 halls and 4 stairs of laminate. Request is vacuum the carpet, sweep and mop the hard surfaces, occasionally dust the moldings. I got a price of $150 for the whole job. Now, the woman who cleans my own apartment in my 3rd building also does the 4 floors of hallways, and doesn't take much over an hour to do it. She charges us $120 for the 1200 ft 2 br 2 bath plus the halls. Am I getting a great deal from her, or getting a ripoff price from the other?

You're getting what would be considered a great deal in my market.  In Tampa Bay, the cost would be higher than $150.  It comes down to "why bother" - so by the time the cleaner drives to the property, hauls in their cleaning equipment/supplies, does the job, and then moves on, it has to be worth it in the first place.  If you're satisfied with the current cleaner, I would not only keep her but let her know that you appreciate the quality of her work. She's a keeper.