my wife and I are looking to get started in investment properties this is our situation my wife works part-time as an engineer for Chrysler myself I work has a fishing charter captain and I also own a landscaping business which is part time to bring in more cash all of my wife's Paychex are claimed but both of my businesses are cash hey we don't show that much I have payments on a boat for about 35,000 we tried a big Bank like Bank of America to take out home equity loan but because both of us put both of our names on it they denied us because of our debt to income ratio because of the boat that we own for the fishing charter business. We are now going to try to just have my wife take out a home equity loan to get started in investment properties we have around a hundred twenty thousand in home equity our first question is taking out home equity a good way to get started in investment properties but also if we do take out home equity for a downpayment will we still have issues trying to finance the rest of it with only my wife working part time any opinions would be greatly appreciated thanks