Unauthorized towing from tenants neighbor.

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My tenants neighbor order and tow the tenants car that parked in the guest parking lot without knowing the association. He called the towing company and claim he is part of the board and order the tow. My tenant pays $250 for this tow. I contact the police and they said they can’t do anything in this case because there is no crime involved. The only thing I can do is go through small claims court. Did anybody go through this kind of situation.

Seems like the tenant got towed because they parked where they weren't supposed to and the neighbor legally had the right to tow, not sure what you'd argue in small claims.  If anything you the landlord might get dinged because you didn't inform the tenant where they could and couldn't park.

How long were they parked in the guest parking? Contact the HOA/condo board if the tenant was following the bylaws by parking there too long and let them know. On the other hand, if they were violating the bylaws, then they risk getting towed. Make sure your tenants have a copy of the bylaws.

Sounds like more of a HOA/Neighbor type problem more than a "Landlord" problem. You don't own the spot it was towed from, you didn't call for a tow. I would stay out of it. Someone else towing something off their property (or at least not MY property) isn't my problem. Getting involved just adds one more party to it.

Just my 2 cents, good luck!