Need a new roof here? Philly

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We have some water damage in our house so we need to get the roof repaired (see pics below and above). Here's the estimates I've gotten:

1. $450 total - reseal around the skylight and between the two houses

2. $2,800 - "Prep both back roofs by cutting and stitching any bubbles as needed. Move two AC units to roof underneath them while we are working. Install pads and for the units (two units) and reinstall. Install new white granulated rubber roofing systems on both roofs with all necessary flashings, counter flashings and edge metal. Recondition skylight with caulk as needed.THIS WHITE GRANULATED RUBBER ROOFING SYSTEM IS COMPMLETELY MAINTENANCE FREE (NO COATING REQUIRED) AND CARRIES A 15 YEAR NO LEAK WARRANTY. All debris will be removed."

3. $2,500 - Remove existing skylights (1)
Replace with new skylights (1)
Cut sheetrock and roof where needed
Repair sheet rock and roof where we cut
Seal New skylight

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated - thanks guys! If you have someone you would suggest, I would appreciate it!