Selling furniture from condo in Chicago - Estate sale? Options?

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Hi, I own a condo in the city of Chicago and have already moved out of it. I have a full-time Airbnb company running it now, but I'm not turning enough profit, and I just don't know if I'm going to keep the place - condo market is soft here, and it's barely paying for itself. If I sell it, I won't keep probably 90% of the furniture. What's the best way to go about liquidating this stuff? There are some nice pieces of furniture in here. Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are - I'm clueless in this area. Exploring my options.

Hi Jack! There are numerous estate sale companies who will help you out with this for a percentage of the profit, or if you have some time you can list it on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist or similar. Or, sell to family or friends?

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Humboldt Park. I'm not quite ready to sell it just yet, but in the next few months pending a sale of the condo. I've got some nice leather chairs, nice/modern bedroom furniture, desks, barstools, sofa, and a few other big items.