Landlord - Water Bill Query

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Hi All,

I am just starting the landlord process here in Winnipeg Manitoba. I am renting out both units of my duplex. There are separate meters for gas and electricity, but only a single meter for water. Therefore I included water in the rental amount, and I will pay for it each month. 

My worry is the usage will be out of my control, and I have heard horror stories of massive water bills from tenants. Is there anything I can add to the tenant agreement or any strategy I can implement to control this? 

Thanks in advance!

The next time you write up a lease make it a bill back program or just install the meters. Make sure you get solid figures on costs prior to going the latter route. Some times the utility companies make it cost prohibitive to add additional meters in their effort to avoid taking on extra costs themselves. It might not even be an option though based on your particular mechanicals.

Matthew Meikle