Who is responsible for the Rats removal in the backyard?

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My tenant noticed that there are two rats in the backyard of the rental property and wants me to remove them. I know it's landlord's responsibility if rats are in the property. But I am wondering who should be responsible for the rats in the backyard?

Many thanks.

I am going to say the landlord is responsible for rodents, roaches, bees, birds and every other pest in every situation since if you make your tenants liable you can bet they will do little to nothing to protect your property and then you will have a very serious situation. Rodents can cause major damage to plastic plumbing pipes, bore holes through walls, eat electric wiring insulation and do their dirty business throughout the house and in the attic where it can cost tens of thousands of dollars to clean and repair. We do attic cleaning for rodents and the average cost to clean and re-insulate an attic is $18,000.

Generally, rats don't run around in yards. Rats usually stay high on trees and in attics. Rats don't usually reside in the lower parts of a home. I've seen them in basements in Massachusetts and other states, but they usually stay in attics. Rats and mice won't live together. Mice usually live inside the home and rats in the attic. I see rats on ground level when freeways brush is removed and trees are chopped down.