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Could you share some online listing websites that are often used in Seattle WA?

I posted on Zillow and but is a bit expensive $90. I get zero repy from Craigslist.

I searched on BP but listing on MLS seems too expensive. Half the 1st month rent.

Does anyone know good web sites? Thanks for your time!

Yeah, definitely try Facebook, especially Facebook groups. Bigger cities often have Facebook groups dedicated to sharing rentals and sub-lease opportunities - this is where a lot of 20s-30s renters search for available apartments. Try searching "Housing in Seattle" and see if you can find any groups; often, you will have to request to be added into the group. I recommend having a professional Facebook page with links to your business/LinkedIn/socials. (People who are interested will definitely check out your page to make sure they're not being scammed.)

just my opinion   @Jay Yoo Paying Zillow is a Big waste of money. just list as a condo or townhouse for free, I think I got less traffic after I started paying Zillow. and they want a whole year signed in blood. Zillow is not the same as they used to be

Facebook is great but you will get 80% of the leads you will ever get with just a $1-$2 a day. First post it on market place for FREE, then boost it for $1 a day is Costar so they kind of work, but just use the free service unless you got over 50 units to rent, the ads are Very expensive 

Apartment Guide will fill up lower end budget type apartments fast if thats whet you got. if you dont, stay away from them, 

If you are by a college, filter your audience to students and faculty of that same college (and also add the nearby employers) on face book, do a compelling post on your business Facebook website (not your personal, keep those lurkers off your personal facebook) then filter-filter filter be creative . When the face book sales staff calls you to upgrade $$ you, ignore them

ok if that didn't earn a vote nothing will 

@Charley C. Again Thank you Charley. Getting some leads finally. Im about to rent in a day or two. However, they are International college students. Two are 18 yr old and one is 17.

I think they can afford the rent but just to want to make sure what other addendums I need to add to rental agreement paperwork.

I was thinking one month equivalent deposit, Bank statement and passport. Anything would be appreciated!!

I collect last months rent on about 30 tenants. Best policy I ever made. harder to rent the place but less 5% might be a day late on the rent. Zero drama from all of them. Not one single eviction in 2 years

I do a $500 deposit plus first and last to sign, if there is a money crunch prohibiting them from being able to move forward on your lease, then that same money crunch will revisit several times during their lease. their circumstances will repeat. People's habits 99.99% of the time do not change

Interviewing a tenant applying for a lease is quite similar to interviewing an employee applying for a job. It never-ever gets better than the interview

Just a word of advice, you can get more people to advise during your post if you vote for their post when it helps you. No vote to me, means I was not able to help you

oh! and if you just want increase the deposit, then they want to force you in to using that deposit as the last months rent. Learned that the hard way too many times

( just my opinions on all my post, every post on the boards) I get my contracts by joining a local landlord association that is respected by the courts. They will have the contracts and forms because that's really the only real reason people join them

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