Zillow Rental Manager Issues

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I have a property listed on Zillow Rental Manager where applicants have paid to submit their rental applications. Zillow produces a background and credit check for the applicants, which I can look over to make sure they meet the minimum standards. The issue is that I can see the reports, but an error message pops up every time I try to open them. I’ve tried emailing and calling support and tweeting at Zillow, but no response. Has anyone else had this issue?

Hi Laura, 

I use Zillow Rental Manager as well and I've never had that issue before. I'm not sure what kind of pop up you're getting, but maybe check your pop up blocker settings? I hope they are able to resolve this issue and it works out for you!

In the past month, Zillow has been majorly challenged. They can't even get MLS fed listings to stay posted. Keep sending the emails with Second, Third Notice in the heading. I've found that ensuring them I'm not going away makes them resolve my issue so I will. I'm good to go...hope you will be soon too.

Thanks all! It turned out I had originally signed up for Zillow years ago under a yahoo email account. Even though the rental was posted via my gmail account, I had to use the yahoo account to see the applications. It was very confusing and frustrating, but Zillow did eventually get back to me after the 4th email. I've since switched to Innago which allows you to customize the application and also does eviction screenings. Innago also has wonderful customer service.

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