How do you collect your Application fee

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I don't need a website like cozy, I need a website that lets me collect the application fee and be able to get all the tenants information. I personally have access to do background checks for free so I don't need to pay for a third party service to do it. 

@Bradley Flume I collect all fees and initial funds from tenants as either cashier's checks or money orders. I think you will have trouble finding a free software that allows you to get funds quickly enough to verify them. Cozy is great once you are up and running, but the lag time between when a tenant initiates a payment and when you find out it bounced is too great for the initial stages with a tenant. 

There are plenty of services available for just collecting payments but I'm not sure why you would go through the hassle. Applicant will go to one site to fill out your application and then another site to make payment? Sounds like a recipe for frustration.

I'm curious who you are getting "free" screening through? I find it unlikely that they would provide a quality product.

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