Duplex under contact but pitbulls next door. Should I be worried

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So I have a duplex under contract

- In a C - area, - All Brick exterior, - Cpvc updated, - Electrical looks good, -Both AC are 8 years of age, - Roof looks good, - Tile floors, - Rent should be around $1200 gross monthly and net would be around $600.

The other day, I attended the home inspection and as I pulled up, I realize the next door neighbor had about 5 pitbulls (not exaggerating) all loose in the front yard. One pitbull is about to drop another litter. Looks like they sell the dogs.

Their yard isn't equipped to handle this type of wear and tear. The reason I know this is because while being there, one of the pitbulls got out and the owner had to go get the dog.

It's probably the worst looking house and yard on the block which happens to be next to the duplex under contract. Sigh.....

My question is: Would you still do the deal?  Should I be worried?

@Mitchlyn D. If the numbers work, go for it. It can only get better from here, right? Meaning, maybe they move. Maybe the city/county/whatever closes them down.

The down side is that you might have tenant complaints about the pit bulls, for various reasons.

Just tell the tenants that if a dog is running loose, call animal control.  The dogs will have to be licensed and rabied and kept contained if animal control gets involved.

Sounds like future headaches... would you want to live there? Truth room... Is it really a C area and you're convincing yourself that it isn't a C- or D? Here some options:

1. You could go ahead and call animal control now... and be a "concerned neighbor." 

2. Offer to buy that person's house.

3. Offer to buy all the dogs and then bring them to a shelter.

4. Cancel the deal

5. Look in the county/city ordinances and find out if there are any laws about breeding or having a business on that property and report the property and illegal business out of a residence... 

Good luck!

Most municipalities have some type of leash laws and/or require an animal to wear a collar with a rabies tag on it. (even in rural Georgia where I live that's required)

So if the animals are getting off the property there are probably remedies. If the municipality doesn't have an animal control dept, that's usually handled through the sheriff's office.

Buying the dogs won't help as they'll just get more.

I wanted to add that pitbulls are considered a dangerous breed by most so if you make any complaints about them, it's more likely to get a response than if you squeak about the neighbor's beagle barking too much. And if talking to the dog owners doesn't elicit an acceptable response/solution, there's all kinds of other avenues to solve this.

@Mitchlyn D.   -  You're smart to be worried about this.  I would heavily consider walking away.  This is a huge liability waiting to happen, and it's going to scare away good tenants.   Ultimately you should ask yourself, Would I be comfortable living here if I had to?  If the answer is a hard no, then I'd walk.

sounds like that Is worse than a boarded up or burned out house as a neighbor . You may straighten out a tenant but sadly you are not going to fix the neighbors conduct . I’d take a good hard look at this deal . Would you want to live by crazy folks with vicious dogs that frequently get loose ? Especially if you have children ???

@Mark Fries Hmmm. I was thinking the same thing. Could be more headache.

If they had a well maintained property it would be a non issue. But they are really bringing down the block.

@Michael Ablan I said the same thing about them scaring away potential good tenants.

Then I'll be left with picking tenants from a lower pool who just need a place to stay and won't take care of the property.

@Mitchlyn D.

I wouldn’t have given this property a 2nd look. Not only would that scare the crap out of me, prospective tenants will likely be scared also. I wouldn’t even get out the car.

@Jay Hinrichs Yeah, but the numbers work so damn well. But peace of mind is more.

I didn't get into real estate to create a 2nd job. I'm afraid this property will become that!

Originally posted by @Mitchlyn D. :

@Jay Hinrichs Yeah, but the numbers work so damn well. But peace of mind is more.

I didn't get into real estate to create a 2nd job. I'm afraid this property will become that!

they only work well on paper.. you wont know how it works until you have owned it for a few years and dealt with the dog problem what if rents are lower .. what it it takes 2 months to rent  what If tenants keep moving because of the dogs.. then what ever you pencil now is irrelevant.