House hacking with existing tenants

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First time posting!

I am analyzing properties given to me by my realtor. Some are duplexes, some are quads. Most of them advertise existing tenants and a rent range. 

How do I approach the sensitive strategy of house hacking a property like this? At the end of the day, do I even have the rights to kick someone out for me to live there? This is in Florida.
I was thinking talk to each of the tenants and see if any are willing to leave in the near future. What if none are willing?
I can stay in the place I'm living in now for a month or two after I purchase the property, but no more.

Also, when analyzing properties that advertise a rent range, what are the best ways to charge the upper bound of that range without starting off on a bad note with the tenants (whom I will be living with and self managing the property).

You can ask that a unit be delivered vacant in most cases and wanting to live in a unit is generally a valid reason assuming the lease is month to month.  If none are willing to leave you can offer cash for keys where you offer $500 or whatever amount if they vacate by x date.  As far as not ruffling feathers when raising rents as a new owner, if you do any renovation or repairs that will soften the blow but nobody is going to be excited you raised their rent.

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