I have a commercial property with an aging boiler system. It will either need a thorough going through in the near term or I need to look for more effective alternatives.


1.In southeasern PA
2. building is setup like 6 singlewides stacked in pairs With 5 units the 6th area holding coin ops, boiler and oil tanks etc
3. Boiler isn’t all that old (10 yrs) but the plumbing appears to show signs of becoming more patches than solid pipe.

4. Rents are roughly 100 or so each below market.

I would like to get feedback from any experienced landlords/property managers about the effectiveness of mini splits in my climate. If it’s gonna hit the tenants with an additional 200 a month electric bill or not work below freezing for example, it may not be viable. If it can be done though it would not only add forced appreciation, but that 6th area/unit could become another unit, seriously increasing returns and valuation.

Thanks in advance!