Closing is approaching 27 Dec. The property is a 3/2 single car attached garage, furnished and utilities included (water, electric, internet & cable, garbage, lawn). Duplex is new construction I used VA loan to acquire property 245K. I am house hacking as I will be living in one side and renting the other unit with the possibility of renting additional two bedrooms in my unit. Mortgage is $1700. I will rent other side out for $2700 (corporate executive ish). Once I have lived there for a year I will also rent other unit the same way.

1 Furnishings- For the furniture I want durable furniture. Any ideas on good furniture stores?

2 Property management- hacks on how to manage from a distance as I will be moving due to military.

3 tenant will have two dogs any hacks on how to dog proof a backyard/back door from dogs?