Where to find the necessary laws governing rentals in Florida?

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I'm looking to purchase rental properties and I wanted to read up on the laws and responsibilities that will be required of me. I was told about Statute 83 as well as updates to the laws as of October of '19. However, I haven't finished the statute and I haven't yet located any information about the updates. I would also like to know where to find tax information about rentals like if I have to pay more if I have more than 2 units on the same lot. Any information will be helpful and if there are any landlord groups in the Dothan, AL to Panama City, FL area I'm looking to learn all I can.

@Douglas A Marsh read the statute you could also asks a property manager or a real estate attorney to fill you in. As for the tax I assume you mean property tax and yes it might cost more if there are multiple units on the property. If you have a specific property you are looking at go to the counties property appraisers site and search for the property you should be able to see what the tax was for it for 2019 and other previous years. 

Florida changes the laws effective July of each year. If you are reading Chapter 83 I am reasonably confident that it is current. Do note how security deposits must be handled. Even if you live out of state they must be housed in a FL institution. I highly suggest a non-interest bearing account.