Ohio landlords with septics systems

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Hello BP community,

I am considering purchasing a duplex here in Ohio. The major concern I have is it has a septic system. The current owner is having it inspected by the county health department. We both know it will fail the inspection, because Trumbull county has strict regulations. They are pushing to update all systems when a property sells. The current owner plans on setting up an escrow account that will cover the cost of the new system.

My questions are:

Does anyone have any experience with these new systems in Ohio? I’m concerned about how it affects specifically landlords with tenants. These new systems are so advanced, and they are sensitive to chemicals, such as bleach. I’ve also heard you can’t run several loads of laundry in one day as it can harm your system.

How are you suppose to keep your tenants in check with not using certain products? How can you limit tenants running too much water through the system?

Here in Ohio, the county comes out twice a year to inspect the bacteria levels in the system. They also make you sign a contract with a service provider who also checks your tanks quarterly. Additionally, the county also makes you buy a operating permit every year that is $175.

Is this purchase worth it? The numbers make sense, but I feel like I could be getting into a major long term headache.

I'm not in Ohio but I have properties with septics. I developed a Septic Addendum that instructs tenants on the proper use and maintenance of a septic system. PM me and I can share a copy.

@Aaron James Stingis you are definitely right about this being a long term headache. We've managed a handful of properties with septic systems and have had problems with all of them. You can put the best clauses in your lease, tell your tenants what to do and what not to do til you're blue in the face, but when problems arise they cost a lot. It's hard to find plumbers who are truly skilled with septic systems and don't charge an arm and a leg for their services.