How Much to Charge for pets?

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I've seen places charge $25 a month for cats, $40 per dog. My only caution would be don't make it so expensive that it incentivizes them to hide the animal from you.

$30 for a cat or small dog (like one that goes in a purse)

$40 for medium sized dog

$50 for a large dog (over 50 pounds)

That is the system my management company uses. 

I set mine to $25 per month per animal, dog or cat, no matter the size, limit of 2 animals.  I also have on there a $150 non-refundable pet fee.  The tenant I just put in place is okay with this and wants either a dog or two cats.  Going by weight/size seemed too variable and hard to determine.

I charge both.  A refundable deposit of $200 and $25 monthly.  Remember, making your deposit refundable incentivizes the tenant to recoup their money and not allow their pet(s) to cause damage.

Okay, great information. I like @Peter T. layout, it fits my style with the townhome and the location of it. As long as their is weight restrictions, within my contract identifying a clear boundary, it should be fine. So I think I am going to go by the following:

Per pet paid monthly: 

$30 for a cat or small dog *(Up to 14 Lbs)

$40 for medium sized dog *(15-49 lbs) 

$50 for a large dog *(50 lbs or greater)

*Subject to the Breed of the dog and not necessarily the weight of the dog

Refundable 200 Deposit


We do $25 per pet per month regardless of breed/size. Landlord friends of ours do $50/month regardless of how many pets assuming tenants will lie and only say they have 1. 

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it illegal in some states to charge extra monthly for a pet? You can do a deposit for them, but not tack on extra monthly fee for them....

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